Partner With GoSpaces

Our partners are trusted advisors and experts in selling and providing services for GoSpaces. Customer success is the most important objective for our partner program. GoSpaces has partnered with World Class organizations who demonstrate expertise by using GoSpaces as the tool to help you achieve innovative results with your Corporate Real Estate portfolio and in doing so saving you money and increasing the productivity of your team.

Our Current Partners

“The GoSpaces mobile app not only allows us to help our clients advance the future of the workplace, it also provides insights and analytics for how tenants can best leverage vacancy to avoid over-investing in commercial real estate at a time when employees are hungry for a more flexible work environment and companies are motivated to reduce operating costs.”  – Jim Underhill, CEO of Cresa. – Cresa Selects GoSpaces as Mobile Partner for Return to Office and Remote Work Solutions

“Commercial real estate as we know it is changing. Thriving in the post-COVID world requires the understanding of new expectations for physical, emotional, financial, and digital safety. This understanding is critical for leaders as they seek to restore confidence and chart a new path forward,” – Debbie Baxter, Partner, Real Estate Advisory, Deloitte. –   GoSpaces Mobile and Deloitte announce alliance.

Become A Partner

Why become a GoSpaces Mobile partner?

Benefit from one of our partnerships to bring the best in gamified sustainability to your clients. Introducing gamification into your client’s workplace is a fun way to encourage a nudge in behaviour to help reach their goals! Finally your clients can measure the results of their programs!