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Why Employee Feedback is so Important and The Best way to Collect it

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How often do you receive feedback from your manager at work? And how often would you like to receive feedback? These answers are surprisingly very different. Only 58% of employers think they give enough feedback1 and 65% of employees want more feedback.2 This shows that there is a communication breakdown between employers and employees. 

Traditionally, employees were given their assigned tasks and trusted to complete their work with little or no guidance with the known trust that they would successfully complete any and all tasks. Nowadays a higher percentage of employees say they would like more feedback meaning, it is important to engage with employees during their day to day work life. Increasing the level of communication between managers and employees could result in an increased level of productivity. In return, this could allow for a more effective workplace and in turn result in a higher level of success for the business. 


Employee feedback allows for companies and organizations to receive valuable data that HR teams are always seeking. Employee surveys, one on ones, team meetings and the traditional suggestion box are a few ways organizations have tried to obtain employee feedback but have not been successful. These methods provide a space and opportunities for employees to open up and provide their personal professional feedback. However, some methods may not provide the results a company is hoping to achieve. As an example, team meetings are great when trying to strengthen a team’s bond, but some colleagues may not feel comfortable speaking up during this time. Employees are the most valuable asset for a company, and receiving their feedback is a beneficial resource for many organizations. While there are the traditional and simple ways to obtain employee feedback, organizations need to think outside the box and discover a fun, engaging method for employees to provide their real time feedback.

That out of the box solution needs to be easily accessible, engaging and provide real time communication. Insert GoSpaces. All three of our modules encourage and promote communication within the workplace. The contributions module encourages social, economical as well as sustainable challenges involving the workplace. Let us help spread the word on any corporate initiatives you may have! Would you like to encourage one on one meetings, no problem! We can create a fun and engaging challenge to collect points and climb the leaderboard. Locate Space helps keep your office spaces organized. Right from the palm of your employees hands they are able to find a meeting or working space that best suits their needs. With GoSpaces you can see all of the amenities within that bookable space. If it is missing something, or an issue with the space arises why not use My Workplace and let management know. Providing direct, real time feedback!  No need to rely on that outdated suggestion box , My Workplace allows your employees to have a voice and submit workplace suggestions and open the conversations for workplace change. GoSpaces gives every employee the option to submit, follow or track their suggestion. This is providing real time feedback to employees and management! Giving your employees a voice and allowing them to give personal feedback and suggestions is a great way to start collecting real time feedback for your company.

Knowing that employees need feedback and the surrounding data is crucial to the success of any organization, why are so many employers not making an innovative effort to gather that data? Start with GoSpaces Mobile to promote and encourage communication within the workplace and receive that ever precious real time data. When you give a voice to those most valuable aspects of your organization, you’ll see your business thrive.



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