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Modernizing the reservation system, GoSpaces provides your employees the ability to submit workplace requests and suggestions while using gamification to engage your employees. GoSpaces is the workplace tool your business is missing! Put your employee engagement and satisfaction at the forefront. It is amazing to see your workplace transform when you listen to the voice of your people.

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Locate Space allows companies to maximize the potential of their real estate assets (space) and fully leverage vacancy to avoid over investing.

GoSpaces can integrate with third party systems and users can search buildings by proximity, view floors with amenities and space availability. Floor plans within GoSpaces can be integrated with sensor technology which provides the ability to book or view available space. Companies will receive real time feedback which will enable portfolio decisions on your space, furniture and amenities.

Locate Space | GoSpaces Mobile

In My Workplace, users can easily report any issues or make suggestions on their mobile device by selecting a building, a category and the priority of their feedback.

Employees can attach photos or videos for proof and context. A sense of community is created by allowing your employees to follow submissions, receive updates and make recommendations. GoSpaces creates a prioritized list based off duplicate submissions to improve employee satisfaction ratings. My Workplace can be stand alone, or be two-way integrated into your facility management system.

My Workplace | GoSpaces Mobile

My Contributions is used to increase employee engagement, corporate sustainability and motivate change.

GoSpaces works to drive the triple bottom line around sustainability under people, planet and profit. Using gamification we can turn internal initiatives into customized corporate challenges. Colleagues can challenge each other to participate and can see where they stack up on the leaderboard. This is a good way to give internal recognition while making a positive difference.

My Contributions | GoSpaces Mobile


Yes, your phone will need to be connected to data and/or Wi-Fi in order to use GoSpaces. If you are not connected to Wi-Fi or data, your contributions will not be recorded, you will not be able to secure your booking in locate space and your workplace submission will not be recorded.

GoSpaces is a very light application. It uses minimal data compared to other popular social media apps like Facebook or Instagram.

Yes, you will be able to run your GoSpaces app on multiple devices, such as ipad/iphone/android phone. After downloading the app, log in using your GoSpaces credentials. Your profile will automatically sync between devices.

You can be onboarded onto My Contributions within 24 hours. The setup time for our other modules may take a little longer.

Yes it does, GoSpaces is usable by people of all abilities.

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