How GoSpaces assists with a safe return to work.


COVID-19 response plan.


GoSpaces is the tool that will allow you to safely return your employees to work. Below are six ways GoSpaces technology can enhance your strategic plan. 
*All new clients will receive a package of floor stickers to be placed around the office.


1. 6-Foot Plan

GoSpaces acknowledges the importance of staying six feet away when returning to the workplace. Using Locate Space, you can easily identify available square footage, ideal occupancy and the number of workstations available to employees. GoSpaces has the capability to identify and modify available spaces to align with your back to work strategy as well as limit number of bookings available per space.

2. Contact Tracing

If one of your employees falls ill, it is strongly suggested and at times mandatory that you provide contact tracing. GoSpaces analytics dashboard* allows you to search an individual’s timeline to find out when and where they have worked as well as those they have come in contact with. This will enable companies with detailed information to be able to quickly provide contact tracing details of each employee.

GoSpaces Locate Space |
GoSpaces Dashboard |

3. Identifying the Vulnerable

GoSpaces wants to ensure the safety of your employees. We have
developed the option for your employees to let you know if they
considered themselves vulnerable or exposed to high risk factors by
simply answering these questions within their user profile.


4. Sanitization Indicator

When looking to book a workstation, look for a sanitization indicator.
These icons allows users to visually see what spaces have access to cleaning supplies and what spaces are regularly sanitized. Users are able to book their workspace knowing the space they are booking for the has been sanitized.

5. Floor Plan Icons Identifying Key Messaging.

GoSpaces has developed some key icons that would be essential for helping your employees navigate this return to work transition. Employee’s want to feel safe in their workplace which is why these icons will allow employees to navigate the changing dynamics of their workplace.

*The floor stickers match these key icons and can be placed in the appropriate spot that matches your floor plan. The sticker package also includes directional stickers that encourage social distancing.

GoSpaces Vulnerable

Information Desk Icon

Available information on your COVID-19 safety plan.

Sanitization Station Icon

Items for employees to clean their workstations.

Temperature Check Icon

Employee temperature check point.

Closed Area Icon

This space does not cohere with the 6-foot social distancing rule.

6. My Workplace Response Plan Feedback

Even with a strategic plan in place, it is important to give room for your employees to provide their input; you want their return to be as smooth and safe as possible. My Workplace allows for employees to easily submit any workplace health and safety concerns or requests that they feel should be part of the response plan.